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Eclipse Earth is a sustainability strategy created by Eclipse to ensure they are fully environmentally, socially and economically sustainable in line with their ethos, 'INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING FOR THE FUTURE'. Through this project the team hopes to inspire the F1 in Schools community to follow.


Eclipse's Efforts

Below are some of the ways in which Eclipse have been sustainable.


Using industry-standard software, Eclipse calculated the carbon footprint generated since the team's formation in December 2019. This carbon footprint has been offset by over +10% through collaboration with sustainability partner Ceres and the Woodland Trust.


Eclipse has enriched STEM education for more than 1500 students through initiatives

like the Primary STEM Project. Additionally, the team established the award-winning

'GREEN GROUP' school club, actively contributing to local wildlife conservation efforts.


Eclipse commits 15% of raised funds to the local community while optimising costs

through resource-efficient allocation.

Your Pledge

How could you get involved with Eclipse Earth?


I commit to embracing a sustainable lifestyle by minimising single-use plastics,

utilising public transport, reusing items, and practising upcycling whenever feasible.


I pledge to actively support and uplift those around me, fostering respect

and equality in all interactions.


Contribute to your community and seek opportunities to invest in sustainable practice.

For all current F1 in Schools competitors:

I commit to ensuring my F1 in Schools project is environmentally, socially,

and economically sustainable for future competitors.


Pledge your efforts to join Eclipse in becoming more sustainable

Thanks for submitting!

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