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Taking part in F1 in Schools™ is not cheap. Eclipse have been fortunate enough to get help from some wonderful people and organisations so far, but on their quest to succeed at the 2023

World Finals they will need more support than ever before.

F1 in Schools™ runs in over 40 countries across the globe which enables Eclipse to offer you a unique opportunity to be promoted

on an international scale. 

Outlined below are some of the benefits of partnering with Eclipse and ways they can provide a return on your investment. Sponsorship prospectuses and letters with more information are readily avaliable.

How can you support Eclipse? 

Collaborating with the team can come through means of Financial, Manufacturing or Advisory aid. Every type is essential for success in the competition:

  • Financial Support

      This will help Eclipse afford things such as team uniforms, car components,            machinery, outreach projects and trip costs including transportation.

  • Manufacturing Aid

      Taking part in F1 in Schools™ requires a lot of manufacturing; supporting them

      in this way can help produce a car or pit display with tools not avaliable to

      Eclipse in school.

  • Technological Support

      CAD/CAM or Video/Photo Production and Editing Software can help Eclipse

      develop their project elements to reach a higher, more professional standard. 

  • Intellectual Support

      Eclipse love to learn from those who know it best. It is inspiring for the team to

      work with industry professionals and develop their work in all areas of the


  • Printing / Uniform

      The printing / support in production of team uniforms, portfolios and pit

      displays at a discounted cost or for free would help the team excel in major

      parts of the competition.

Eclipse Ethos

Why should you support Eclipse?

Eclipse offer various levels of return on investment to set the baseline for tailored partnerships. Eclipse's support can benefit you in a number of ways:

  • Primary STEM Project

     Eclipse run a day-long primary STEM competition with local feeder schools;

     groups of 30 kids come into their secondary school to get a taste of what

     F1 in Schools™ is like and as a team they hope to inspire a future generation of

     engineers from this. In the past sponsors have provided Eclipse with financial aid

     in order to purchase 3D printers for kids to watch working during the event and

     a smoke tunel to see how air flows around the cars that they make.

  • Sustainable Philosophy

     The team have tried to be as eco-friendly as possible since right at the start of

     their journey. CO2 released during transport to events is offset through plantation

     of trees and the compressed gas cartridges which are used for the testing of

     cars are upcycled. Supporting Eclipse is supporting a sustainable team which

     innovates for the future. 

  • Online Advertisement

     With the team accumulating a social media following of over 1000 people, they

     have significant outreach within the local community. All sponsors are advertised

     on their platforms which include Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

  • Global Coverage

     F1 in Schools™ is covered globally across newspapers, television and YouTube live

     streams. Your organisation will not only be known to have supported a group               of young students in the local area but also across the 40 nations that compete.

  • Supporting Young People in Engineering

     Eclipse is made up of students from different year groups and backgrounds with a       good split of gender. Due to their diversity, they work well as a team. By promoting       this to thousands of STEM students worldwide, your potential future employees           and supporters may be inspired to work for you.

Eclipse - F1 in Schools Team
Abbey Place, Faversham
ME13 7BQ

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